Alex U. (alx_11) wrote in buenos_aires_ar,
Alex U.


Hi all. My name is Alex. Me and 5 other friends are going to BA July 11th-25th.

Any good events going on? We all like rock/indie music. We plan on going to see Victoria Mil on July 15th.

Does anybody know any other good shows happening those 2 weeks? We are staying in Palermo
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I can't help much 'cause I don't leave near Palermo, but I can tell you Victoria Mil is a really sucky band, unless you have already heard it and like it, then I don't recommend it at all.

It's a very not well known band that appears before main concerts, and receives a lot of boo-ing. I've seen them and it was too bothersome.
Check out Niceto Club. They have a website. Just google Niceto Club Buenos Aires Argentina and you should find it. They have bands come and play during the week and I always had a good time on weedays. Weekends they usually just have techno on weekends and are really crowded so I don't recommend fridays and saturdays. Try the government website for B.A. too. They have all kinds of stuff listed.
I just read about Niceto a little while ago. Thanks!