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I'm looking for a studio apartment in Buenos Aires, preferably the San Telmo area, from late February to June, but if it MUST be a 6 month deal I can do that if the rent is low enough. I would also consider rooming with other young people (20s). How do I go about finding an apartment without getting ripped off? I speak a little Spanish, but I'm still a beginner. I've looked at craigslist, but the places seem really overpriced (500 to 700 USD for a STUDIO?), and the online classified for the local newspapers are the same. Does anyone have suggestions? Can any locals tell me about how much in pesos or USDs I should expect to pay for a furnished (not luxurious...just necessities) studio that isn't falling apart and is in a safe location- the price locals would be expected to pay? Also, does anyone know of any strategies for seeking out other students in the city who might be looking for roommates? Other ideas for low-cost housing? I can't spend more than 300-350 USD a month, and that is at the very highest.
Thanks for any advice you might have.
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